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07 Jan

Best practices for e-commerce product packaging

When you are packaging products for your customers always think about the customers unboxing experience. One of the easiest ways of boosting the quality of your product is by packaging it correctly.

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  1. Make sure it’s the right size
    • Using the right size box is the first step. Use a box that can fit your product plus protective material, also ensure that the box isn’t too big for the product. This ensures that your product is safe and also doesn’t increase your shipping costs.
  2. Use the correct amount and type of packaging material
    • In most cases products are fragile, customers know this and expect the packaging and void fill to be just right for the product.
  3. Recyclable packaging material
    • Use packaging that is easily recyclable. This is not only good for the environment but also creates a good impression on your customer.
  4. Reusable packaging
    • Reusable packaging comes in handy with customers. Especially if they can reuse the same packaging for returning goods as well.
  5. Paper-based packaging
    • One of the best packaging materials is paper-based packaging, like cardboard boxes and paper-based void fill. The advantage of this is that it is flexible and can be easily recycled.
  6. Be consistent
    • Source your materials from a reputable supplier that will always service your stock demands. Customers notice the quality of packaging and sourcing a good supplier is essential to be consistent.
  7. Exceed customer expectations
    • Take care of how your goods are packaged. Be innovative to create a positive unboxing experience, which will in turn create positive reviews from your customers.

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